Our Story



Thicket Design is the brain child of husband and wife team Naomi McCavitt and Freddy Clark. Naomi McCavitt is the designer and curator of the bespoke products that make up the Thicket Sundries world with Freddy Clark heading up the production and sales aspects of the business. Clark and McCavitt met while working together at a restaurant in Richmond VA and continued to work together when they both got jobs in the art publishing business at the same company. They share a love of antiquarian objects, oddities, and natural history and sought to bring these types of objects to their customers. The fusion of home decor and the Natural Sciences, mixed with a bit of surrealism is the aesthetic and muse of Thicket Design. Clark and McCavitt make each product by hand and ship to you with care.

Custom design work is available for one of a kind art work for your home or business. Contact us for inquiries on our contact page or by emailing: 


Custom work can be viewed on McCavitt's portfolio site:



Naomi McCavitt is trained as a traditional painter and illustrator and most of the designs are from her artwork. All of the other images are from antique images made by early Naturalist Artists that are the inspiration for the work she creates. McCavitt splits her time with Thicket Design doing custom work as a Natural History illustrator as well as constantly creating new work for products in the shop. 


Freddy Clark has worn many hats including touring with a punk band for 6 years and working as a line cook. He found a real passion for selling and curating collections of art while working for an art publishing company. Once Clark was settled in his home in Richmond VA he began collecting specimens, taxidermy, and oddities that serve as part of the inspiration for the look of Thicket Design. Clark heads up the sales and production aspects of the business.